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How to improve search engine optimisation of a website?
In this blog, I will discuss the meaning of search engine optimisation, why it is so important, the workings of SEO and how your website can improve its ranking by following the basic guidelines.

What is a search engine optimisation and why is it so important?
Search engine optimisation or SEO, is the process of optimising a website to increase its visibility and receive relevant traffic from the search engine results. The better the visibility a website has (that is to be found at top of the search results) the more likely it will attract followers, generate sales, and ultimately revenue for a business.

How does it work?
Search engines like Safari or Google use bots to crawl through pages on the web to collect information and put them in an catalogue. This process is known as crawling and indexing. Algorithms then analyse these pages in the catalogue to determine the order or ranking  the pages should appear in the search engine results pages SERPs. While paid for ranking will interfere with the order of results, we will look at improving a SERP through organic means.    
When it comes to improving a website’s SEO, it is imperative to follow the basic guidelines. This is distinguished using White Hat and Black Hat.  White hat refers to best practices that abide by the search engine rules while Black Hat refers to techniques that violates its guidelines. See table below that outlines best and worst practices that will ultimately determine your website’s SERP ranking.
Although many of the points outlined in the table below seem obvious, white hat SEO takes time, requires skilled content creators, graphic designers and strategists to name a few, to achieve results, not to mention a considerable amount of money. However, applying any of the tactics used in the black hat list has dire consequences including incur penalties which can often bankrupt a company, depending on the severity of the violation, and prevent its website from appearing in the SERP’s.
Search Engine Optimisation is a huge area in web design and I have only touched on the basics. However, it is clear from my analysis that SEO is hugely important to the success of a business. To learn more about  SEO visit;
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